What to Look For
Key Features of a Successful Financial Wellness Program

01. Easy to engage employees and get started.

02. Simple assessment for them to see where they stand financially.

03. Great education and tools. 


04. Individual 1-1 sessions with a professional to create an action plan.

05. Tailored group meetings for employees to cover critical topics/needs.

06. Measure change through reporting for employers to see annual progress on assessments for their employees.

Trinity Wellness Advisors Program 



Employees are proactively engaged through campaigns and prize incentives.


Employees take a brief 5-minute assessment to establish a baseline for their financial wellness; A mobile app provides a convenient hub for employees to complete assessments and schedule one-on-one sessions.

Tools & Education

Self-service content for employees to learn on their own about Debt Reduction, Budgeting, Investing, Saving for Retirement, & Protection Planning.

Group sessions

Content topics are created based on financial wellness assessment results and scheduled through the app.

One on one Sessions

Optional employee consultations with a financial professional  are scheduled with a focus on establishing mutually agreed upon action plans.

Employer Dashboards

Reporting packages that provide insight into the workforce’s financial challenges and measures overall improvements in their financial wellness annually.