Retirement Plan Consultants helping you meet your fiduciary responsibilities

“Castles were built one stone at a time.” Irish Proverb

At Trinity Investment Advisors, we work exclusively in the Retirement Plan/401(k) space to give plan sponsors the ability to help their employees prepare for retirement stone by stone. Our critical mission involves:

We achieve our mission through experience, objectivity, and focus. With our years of expertise working with plan sponsors, we support the ability of plan sponsors to create, implement and monitor a retirement plan that can prepare plan participants for retirement.

We are an independent, FINRA registered investment advisor who works with and is paid by only our clients, avoiding conflicts of interest. Our sole focus is retirement plans.  Many other providers offer insurance, benefits, or individual investment or financial planning. Trinity directs all of our attention to retirement readiness, discovering the best options and maximizing choices for your plan, and building a long term partnership with you.