Retirement Plan Consultants helping you meet your fiduciary responsibilities

“True change takes place in the imagination.” Thomas Moore

Trinity Investment Advisors is a retirement plan consulting firm committed to bringing change to the retirement plan universe. Leveraging our experience, objectivity and our sole focus on the retirement plan market, we build partnerships with plan sponsors to help their employees prepare for retirement, drawing on our 20 years of expertise in this space.

The Trinity Difference is expressed through these three themes:

Promoting Retirement Readiness

Do you believe your employees will be adequately prepared for their retirement? Do you feel that as a plan sponsor, it is your job to provide them with opportunities and education to prepare them? If you are like most plan sponsors, the answer is yes. Through Trinity’s focus on participant-driven outcomes, education and communication to support them, we can assist you in supporting your employees in their quest to achieve a financially successful retirement.

Discovering Options & Maximizing Choices

Do you know how your current retirement plan offering stacks up?  Are you paying too much? Is your plan competitive?  Do you offer the best investment choices?  Is anyone providing unbiased advice and monitoring?  Trinity Investment Advisors provides comprehensive benchmarking for plan sponsors combined with top-notch participant experience and education. We have a unique unbiased methodology for selecting and monitoring investment options.

Offering Long-term Partnerships

Have you considered switching retirement plan providers in the past because you were concerned about poor service, inadequate education for your participants, or poor fiduciary and regulatory guidance and support for you as a plan sponsor?  Trinity builds strong long-term partnerships with our clients by creating an atmosphere of transparency and trust. The cornerstone of our success is a focus on providing outstanding client service and creative plan solutions.